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Gurren Lagann 1 & 2 on Sci-Fi Channel and More DVD Release Dates

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 29, 2008

Dear me, there certainly has been a great deal of Gurren Lagann lately!  This post is about the English dub airing on Sci-Fi channel just as I type.

Well, firstly, something everyone seems to complain about on the dubs – voicing.  I don’t have the names yet, but honestly I don’t think the voice acting is at all half-bad.  I do have some minor complaints tough, primarily with Kamina:  I guess his voice is just a bit too “light” for me, but he certainly has the “Kamina attitude.”  Yoko’s voice actress (who I’m pretty sure is also Rukia Kuchiki from BLEACH’s voice actress) isn’t as girly sounding as I’d hope for either, but it wasn’t nearly as shocking as Kamina’s voice.  The Gunmen are pretty hard to understand, too.  Simon, however, sounds utterly adorable!  And although Ron sounds really different from his Japanese counterpart, I actually find that his English voice fits him better – and I find it a lot more amusing!  The humor from the Japanese version is also retained, and although I had previously seen these episodes in Japanese I still cracked up at many moments.

So the English version is pretty much the same as the Japanese translation-wise.  Other “major” differnces include the removal of the still images that start and end the commercial breaks (probably since there are MANY commercial breaks), and the ending credits are pushed to the side and sped up as the channel plays some of their other show’s previews.  The Gurren Lagann next-episode previews are also cut out without a trace.

It’s a pretty decent dub overall, definently not the best I’ve seen, but I still don’t see too much of a reason to complain about it, unless you’re one who complains about English voice acting.  And if you’re ever up late on a Monday night with nothing to watch, I highly reccomend checking it out.  Heck, I’d say this is actually worth missing a few other shows for.

Also, just for the record, a good deal of sources claim that the third two-disc set of Gurren Lagann will be released on September 2nd, and the English-and-Japanese-audio discs will start being released on November 11th.


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Time to Start Saving: Bandai Ent. Makes an August 5th to Remember

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 27, 2008

According to Bandai Entertainment’s online catalog, a great deal of DVDs are going to be in stock starting on August 5th.

Starting things off is Gurren Lagann 02. There doesn’t seem to be a special edition counterpart as of yet, however. Like 01, the only DVD extras are the textless opening and ending animations. Also like 01, no English dub, just good-ol’ Japanese 2.0 audio and (optional!) English subtitles.

Next up is a plethora of Code Geass. Code Geass Part 1 contains the first two discs and has both English and Japanese audio, and of course English subtitles. According to the catalog it also comes with all of the DVD extras of the first two volumes (see below).

In counter to Part 1 is the Part 1 Limited Edition, with all of the goodness of Part 1, plus the first OST, the first Sound Drama, and the first volume of the manga, all packaged neatly inside a collector’s artbox.

If you’d rather pay a little extra and buy your discs separately, then Volume 1 (DVD extras include a picture drama episode, audio commentary, the textless opening, the first collectors booklet, and the first CLAMP character sketch booklet) and Volume 2 (DVD extras include a picture drama episode, audio commentary, the textless ending, and second and third collector’s booklets) are for you.

Now regardless of whether or not you enjoy DVD bundles or separate discs, you’ll have to save up a bit of money. Gurren Lagann 02 is at an MSRP of $30, Code Geass Part 1 at $40, the Part 1 Limited Edition at a whopping $75, and the separate volumes at $25 each (of course, these prices are rounded up from either 98 or 99 cents). And remember, if you like your dubs and want to see Gurren Lagann in English, tune into the Sci-Fi channel at 11pm tomorrow night.

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[a s]’s New Saturday Lineup

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 27, 2008

As of last night [adult swim] has began airing a slightly new Saturday anime lineup. Looks like InuYasha’s been given the boot.

  • 11:00 pm Shin-chan
  • 11:30 pm BLEACH
  • 12:00 am Code Geass
  • 12:30 am Death Note
  • 1:00 am Ghost in the Shell
  • 1:30 am Cowboy BeBop

Now, onto BLEACH 74.  Nothing too spectacular, really.  Ichigo and friends go nuts searching for Uryu, who is safe and sound with the Bount Yoshino.  We get a little insight on her past:  that she was in love with Kariya, and that now she wants to take him down before he can become a godlike being.  Uryu, who does a great deal of blushing in this episode, also goes to say that he wants, and would do anything, to help her.  We also learn that one of the Bounts, Maki, was previously a Soul Reaper in Squad 11 and left because he had sworn an oath of loyalty to the captain that Kenpachi killed, and couldn’t work under Kenpachi for killing his former captain.  So basically, this episode was just a lot of flashbacks.

By contrast Code Geass 14 had a great deal going on.  We finally learn that the mysterious white-haired man is named Mao and that he has a Geass that enables him to hear other people’s thoughts.  But beforehand Shirley had shot Villetta, who had seen Lulu as Zero.  Mao uses Shirley’s feelings to his advantage and tries to get her to kill Lulu, but she can’t bring herself to do it.  As C.C. sends Mao, who apparently is in love with her (he wears those headphones to listen to her voice saying, “Good job, Mao!” and, “I knew you could do it, Mao!” and things like that) away from Lulu and Shirley by starting up the cable car he was on, Lulu uses his Geass on Shirley to make her forget about him.  Then at the end we see that Lulu did indeed have feelings for Shirley, but nothing can be done about it now.

I bet it’s going to be awkward for Shirley to come to school the next day and know nothing about Lulu.  I wonder how Milly will react to that…and one can only hope that things get a bit more interesting in BLEACH.

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Gurren Lagann 01

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 21, 2008

I’ve finally got a copy of Gurren Lagann part 1.  It’s pretty late where I am so I’ll have to watch it tomorrow, but for now here are some quick thoughts:

First off, if you’re gonna buy it, buy it in Best Buy.  $20 for the regular edition, and $35 for the special edition.  I myself got the regular edition.

Secondly, the special edition is named such because it comes with a bonus CD with four tracks, one of which is the theme song.

Third, 9 episodes, 2 discs, no English dub.  If you like your Japanese audio-English subtitles, get this.  If you can wait, in the begining of next year an English dub version with DVD extras will be released.  But again, if you could care less about English voices and extra features, grab this cheap DVD now.

Fourth and finally, the only extras on this edition (normal & special, no English dub) are the textless opening and closing animations.

Well, those are my first thoughts.  I really can’t wait to start watching!  And remember, those who can’t wait for the dub, starting on the 28th of July (that’s next week) Sci-Fi channel will be showing two episodes of Gurren Lagann from 11pm-12am, so be sure to stay up late!  They will continue to air Gurren Lagann every Monday from the 28th up until August 18th.

Simon says, “Look how cute I am!  Go buy Gurren Lagann part 1!!”

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Strawberry Panic and Death Note

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 20, 2008

I just got my hands on Strawberry Panic 2 and Death Note 13 (yes I know I’m really late). I’m pretty excited.

A new character named Mokoto is introduced in Strawberry Panic and she’s probably going to pose as a threat to all the Étoile competitors. I’m also sensing some more depth on the Lulim girls’ relationships, too. Well, at least I hope so.

And Death Note 13 is, well, all the extra good stuff from Death Note. Character profiles, some interviews with Ouba and Obata, character concepts, 4 pannel comics, the original pilot chapter, and just a whole bunch of extra Death Note stuff. Really nice. If you’re a fan and haven’t gotten this already…well, go get it. Seriously.

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