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10 Years and I’m STILL a Little Kid

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 4, 2009


The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime will be having their 10th anniversary this summer, so to celebrate, a special anime featuring all 3 heroes (Yami/Yugi, Judai and Yuusei) will be shown (I believe on August 3rd).

As a YGO! TCG fan and a fan of the Japanese anime, this is actually fun news for me.  The YGO! anime isn’t the best, and it’s hard to take seriously, but for fans, seeing all three of the heroes together will most definitely bring a smile to their faces. (I know that if we get happy, stupid, beginning-of-the-series Judai I’ll be a lot happier than if we get frowny, serious, end-of-the-series Judai)


8 Responses to “10 Years and I’m STILL a Little Kid”

  1. i just stumbled on your site (https://427mahou.wordpress.com) and i like it a lot!

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    i could even guest post for you if you like :)

    i couldnt find your email on this site so i hope it’s ok that i put this message on your comments :)

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    • garnetfenghuang said

      I’d love to exchange links :] You can e-mail me at akaikiri.madoushi [at] yahoo.com to work out the exchange if you want.

  2. hehe nice sites guys :D, ill have too add this new special too my site :D looks like people will enjoy it ^_^

  3. Forgot too ask, is this actually out yet >.> ?

  4. SaJoWi said

    does anyone know which one is most popular of the three of them?
    I dropped YGO when everyone else started looking.

  5. SaJoWi said

    Thanks XD

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