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Posted by Niki K. F. on August 26, 2009

If it seems like I haven’t been updating a lot recently, well, I haven’t.  Sadly, summer is drawing to a close and the more difficult of my summer assignments are catching up to me.  What free time I do have I spend playing video games.  I’ve been playing Curious Village since Diabolical Box was recently released.  In addition, my friends and readers, I’ve been playing Dissidia.  Dissidia FINAL FANTASY.  So what’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, the big deal, I say, is that Dissidia is really…different.


For a fighting game (and especially for a 2D arcade-style Guilty Gear fan like me), the stages are ENORMOUS.  I almost feel as if there should be 4 players running around on the screen instead of 2.  The fact that the camera is controlled by the direction buttons (which, if you haven’t noticed, are right above the joystick, bump, thing) makes it difficult to pan the camera while moving, which is bothersome if your opponent is far, far away and you’d like to know where they are.

In addition to the standard Hit Points, you’ve got Brave Points, which tell you how much damage you do when you land a damage-dealing hit (the other attacks steal your opponent’s Brave Points).  It’s very interesting since you have to think, do I want to do a lot of smaller attacks, or do I want to take away my opponent’s BP and then make one big hit?  The latter is usually the best answer, because if you hit your opponent when they have no BP, you “Break” them.  Until they can accumulate more BP, they remain Broken, and they cannot do damage to you and all the damage they receive become Critical Hits.

I actually enjoy this game.  It seems like it could’ve been better.  There could’ve been more characters and unlockables, and even though the addition of BP makes the fighting more “plan-it-out” oriented, the actual fighting itself isn’t too deep, since all you need to do are simple button presses (or maybe I’m just playing too much BlazBlue).

What I like the most, though, is to be representin’ the first 6, and beating up all of the characters from 7 and onward.  Seeing Sephiroth crushed by the Onion Knight brings a tear of happiness to my eye.

Also, on Squeenix’s official website, they have part of the Dissidia figures set on sale.  What I mean by “part” is that the set consists of Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus and Warrior of Light, but the website only offers Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus.  Hmmm, do I sense some foul play here?  What do those new characters have that the old school Warrior doesn’t, besides unstable emotions?  Although I must admit, the Squall one sure looks mighty sexy~



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