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Great Stuff Today

Posted by Niki K. F. on September 2, 2008

More releases for today, Sep. 2.  I’m sure a lot of you will like this.

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Borders has Dates – BLEACH Frenzy

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 7, 2008

Following the BLEACH Collector’s Edition, available now, VIZ Media has even more BLEACHy goodness in store for the coming months.  Volume 24 will be released on September 2nd – if you don’t keep up with the story in the monthly magazine Shonen Jump, now’s the time to pre-order.  Also over the horizon is volume 25, scheduled for release on December 2nd.

Also available for pre-order is the artbook, All Color But the Black, to be in stock October 7th, and the SOULS Character Book on October 21st.

Along with BLEACH, a Death Note Collector’s Edition should be released September 2nd as well (although the Borders site lists it as becoming available on the 16th), and the Death Note live action movie, starring the greatest actor of all time, Tatsuya Fujiwara, coming on September 16th.

Another novel (in this case, a light novel) that Borders has a listing for is Strawberry Panic 3, the final volume in the light novel series, with a release date of October 28.  Two other light novels they have listed are Code Geass adaptations:  the first, Stage 0 – Entrance, release date September 22; the second, Stage 1 – Knight, release date December 17.

Please feel free to leave a comment – have any corrections to the dates?  Planning on buying any of these titles?  I’d love to hear your opinions!  But one last word before leaving:  what a busy holiday season this will be!

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Strawberry Panic and Death Note

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 20, 2008

I just got my hands on Strawberry Panic 2 and Death Note 13 (yes I know I’m really late). I’m pretty excited.

A new character named Mokoto is introduced in Strawberry Panic and she’s probably going to pose as a threat to all the Étoile competitors. I’m also sensing some more depth on the Lulim girls’ relationships, too. Well, at least I hope so.

And Death Note 13 is, well, all the extra good stuff from Death Note. Character profiles, some interviews with Ouba and Obata, character concepts, 4 pannel comics, the original pilot chapter, and just a whole bunch of extra Death Note stuff. Really nice. If you’re a fan and haven’t gotten this already…well, go get it. Seriously.

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