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FINAL FANTASY: Unlimited Complete Set – Volume 1

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 11, 2008

I just picked up the complete set of FINAL FANTASY: Unlimited. I’ve only seen volume 1 so far, so I’ll just give some info about volume 1 then.

It starts with a huge black pillar coming from nowhere and landing in a lake in the middle of town. A young Lisa watches as a huge white dragon and black dragon come out of said pillar and start fighting each other. The army/navy/battle force comes in to try and stop them.


Many years later, we see two twin siblings going to the subway to catch the “Ghost Train” to Wonderland, a world that is somehow connected to the black pillar and where their parents have gotten lost and haven’t returned. On the Ghost Train the two twins, Ai and Yu, meet the now older Lisa, who helps them in Wonderland.
The first place they come out in looks like a fairly normal park, but the houses are made of plants and the slides disintigrate when touched. While giving chase to a Chocobo, which Ai and Yu’s parents call “Birds of Happiness” in the book they wrote, Yu trips and sees that there’s a man stuck under some plant growth. He appears dead, so when Ai, Yu and Lisa are attacked by a mushroom monster they run and leave him. But when they hit a dead end and are about to fall off a cliff, that same man appears and summons Phoenix, which blows the monster into smitherines.
After destroying the monster, some traditional FF Victory/Fanfare music plays, and the man leaves the three and goes on his own way. But later they are attacked by one of the Earl’s henchman, Fungus, who summons more mushroom monsters. The three cannot defeat them on their own, although a Chocobo feather Yu obtained previously allows him to summon a Chocobo, who destroys one monster, then runs. The mysterious man comes again and this time summons Ixion, who defeats Fungus. More fanfare, and the mysterious man departs.
The three and a sweet little Chocobo who has the habit of bitting on Ai’s hair continue to take the Ghost Train in an attempt to find Ai and Yu’s parents, and find themselves in a world made of fruit inhabited by odd people who are constantly in Despair and have lost all hope, mumbling to themselves constantly. One of these people, Fungo, steals Ai’s backpack and Ai gives chase. But instead of finding Fungo she finds Fabula, the “guide” who introduces and gives the preview for every episode (thus far). She gives Ai a strange-looking thing called Poshy-Pocket, who can make anything Ai wishes for a reality. Another of the Earl’s henchmen, a woman with what looks like lettuce for hair, comes and spreads pollen on Lisa, Yu and some of the men in Despair. The pollen acts as laughing gas and they all fall to the ground laughing, unable to stand. Ai wishes for the ability to save everyone and Poshy-Pocket gives her a seed which explodes and blows all the pollen away. The mysterious man, who always seems to be wherever the three are, summons Shiva and freezes the girl’s flower monsters, causing the girl to retreat temporarily. He leaves, again, and the Chocobo, who Yu can understand using his feather, says that the Ghost Train is about to leave.
They miss the train, and according to Chocobo the next one could come in a day, a week, a year…but luckily the theif Fungo comes and shows them to an underground rebel group of sorts, whose goal is to overthrow the evil Earl. There is where they meet the Cid of the series. But not all is peaceful, for the mysterious man (who Yu calls “Kaze”) is there, and one of the Earl’s minions, Makenshi, who Kaze has been looking for, shows up. They battle, and Kaze’s Magun, which he uses to summon monsters, doesn’t work. So Makenshi defeats Kaze and leaves. The underground base starts falling in and everyone runs.
Later Cid offers to help the three get to the subway since he wants to see the Ghost Train run. Taking the waterways using one of his inventions, the group runs into a restored Fungus. They can’t avoid him for long, and his acid snake-thing burns a hole into Cid’s ship. This enrages Cid who attacks Fungus with his strange magnet-hammer weapon which is installed into the pack he carries on his back. After the fight the group makes it to the stairs that will lead to the train. Cid stays behind, saying he can’t leave his invention in such a condition. The three continue on, but Fungus still won’t give up. Luckily Kaze shows up again – apparently Makenshi didn’t kill him. The group continues on to the train, and Kaze summons another monster to take out Fungus. The monster was too big for the small underground area, however and the walls start to crumble in. We see Cid activate a sort of eject option, and he escapes safely, although apparently his ship didn’t. The group safely boarded the Ghost Train and are on their way to their next destination.
So that’s the end of volume one. The animations were a little repetitive, as the summoning sequence is practically the same each time, with the exception of the triad Kaze uses. But the characters are adorable, and it certainly has it’s funny moments. I’d say anyone who enjoys FINAL FANTASY should get this set, and if you’re a fan of old-school anime, you shouldn’t miss out on this, either. I really enjoyed it, and I’ve only finished volume one.

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