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BlazBlue Art Book for Sale on Aksys Official Site

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 13, 2009

I couldn’t really think up a witty title for this news because it’s just too good to be true:  the highly sought-after art book of BlazBlue is now for sale on Aksys’ Website.

blazeblue art book

The art book was only available to those who pre-ordered the fighter from Gamestop.com—you didn’t even get it if you pre-ordered in the stores!  And since the art book was produced in such low numbers, even some of those who did pre-order online didn’t get their own.  On eBay, the bidding for an art book easily surpassed $40, $50, and even $60.  So if you missed out on on the art book and want one, or even if you’re just hearing about BlazBlue now, then you HAVE to go buy it now for ONLY $15—that’s including the shipping already!! (unless you’re one of those who’s just hearing about BlazBlue now, in which you should buy the art book and then go buy BlazBlue)

The adorable clear file is still on sale, and I love mine.  The tote bag is also still for sale, although I honestly think it’s a bit too expensive.

Along with the art book, Aksys has put an ADORABLE shirt for sale, featuring Ragna being stomped by Hakumen, and the input command for the attack, in case you were ever to forget it.  The site warns that the shirt doesn’t work when viewed in a mirror.  Again, I think it’s a bit pricey, but you have to agree with me when I say that it’s one of the cutest things ever.



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