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A Lot of Updates as the Snow Falls

Posted by Niki K. F. on February 5, 2010

Virginia is in a state of emergency as we watch more snow fall than ever in a very, very, VERY long time.

Many updates!

  1. Thanks to all the readers who put up with my very untimely blog posts.
  2. Happy very-late New Year and happy almost on-time Setsubun!
  3. I got a cat :3
  4. Black Butler volume 1 is in stores now!  There’s always something interesting going on in the Phantomhive Manor, and the first volume of Black Butler has it all.  “Non-stop crazy” is probably the best word for it.

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Yotsuba’s Back?

Posted by Niki K. F. on September 20, 2009

Well this is news to me.  I was browsing the Yen Press website when I saw that they’ve apparently picked up Yotsuba&! after it went into American publisher limbo.  They’ve re-released volumes 1-4 (and 5 and 6), with 7 on the way in December.


On a side note, they’ve also picked up CLAMP’s KOBATO.  Remember?  The KOBATO. that Newtype used to publish before they died?

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