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The Cat Fell Asleep on G

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 3, 2009

There are a good deal of manga on my shelf that aren’t finished because the American publishers did who-knows-what (died, forgot about the series, went on vacation, things like that).  One of those series is Il gatto sul G., which I really like and couldn’t wait for the final volume, but gave up on waiting a long, long while ago.  In numbers, 2006.

Fast (or should I say “slow?”) forward to 2009.  Sure, I’m a few months off, but Il gatto sul G. 3 was finally published in America in June.  You can bet I’ll be getting it soon (and re-reading the first two).  I hope mister cat-lover picks the “White” side of the multiple-personalitied violinist.

(Apparently volume 3 doesn’t come with a dust jacket like the previous two.  Oh, no!  Mismatched covers!  I’ll go mad! D: )


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