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A Lot of Updates as the Snow Falls

Posted by Niki K. F. on February 5, 2010

Virginia is in a state of emergency as we watch more snow fall than ever in a very, very, VERY long time.

Many updates!

  1. Thanks to all the readers who put up with my very untimely blog posts.
  2. Happy very-late New Year and happy almost on-time Setsubun!
  3. I got a cat :3
  4. Black Butler volume 1 is in stores now!  There’s always something interesting going on in the Phantomhive Manor, and the first volume of Black Butler has it all.  “Non-stop crazy” is probably the best word for it.

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Yotsuba’s Back?

Posted by Niki K. F. on September 20, 2009

Well this is news to me.  I was browsing the Yen Press website when I saw that they’ve apparently picked up Yotsuba&! after it went into American publisher limbo.  They’ve re-released volumes 1-4 (and 5 and 6), with 7 on the way in December.


On a side note, they’ve also picked up CLAMP’s KOBATO.  Remember?  The KOBATO. that Newtype used to publish before they died?

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Don’t Worry, Multiple-Year Hiatus are “In” These Days

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 17, 2009

Here’s an interesting story.  After four years (that’s twice the amount of time we’ve had to wait for some American publishers to continue publishing certain series) Higuri You will continue her manga Cantarella.

cantarella 10Those of you who enjoyed it will probably have a while to wait before you read it, though, because Higuri’s starting it back up in the Princess Gold magazine next month, and the last volume to be released in America was out in March 08, so even if Go Comi! decides to keep publishing it, it will take some time before the next volume is released.

Aren’t you glad we live in America?  We got our last volume but a year ago, while Japan’s had to wait FOUR YEARS.  Release-date lag sure is helpful sometimes.  Although I honestly preffer her yaoi titles over this one.  Too much drama.

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The Cat Fell Asleep on G

Posted by Niki K. F. on August 3, 2009

There are a good deal of manga on my shelf that aren’t finished because the American publishers did who-knows-what (died, forgot about the series, went on vacation, things like that).  One of those series is Il gatto sul G., which I really like and couldn’t wait for the final volume, but gave up on waiting a long, long while ago.  In numbers, 2006.

Fast (or should I say “slow?”) forward to 2009.  Sure, I’m a few months off, but Il gatto sul G. 3 was finally published in America in June.  You can bet I’ll be getting it soon (and re-reading the first two).  I hope mister cat-lover picks the “White” side of the multiple-personalitied violinist.

(Apparently volume 3 doesn’t come with a dust jacket like the previous two.  Oh, no!  Mismatched covers!  I’ll go mad! D: )

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Reach out and Crush Someone

Posted by Niki K. F. on July 28, 2009

Shonen Jump has updated their site.  Those who subscribe or buy the mag in the newstands should be getting their newest issue soon.  But I found all I needed on the site:

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